Open House: An Erotic Real Estate Story

Open House: An Erotic Real Estate Story

Realtor Olivia has been sexually repressed and inhibited for so long since her last relationship fell apart, that she has given up on ever enjoying a man’s touch again. Her newest upscale listing will change all that. Freshly-minted key in hand, Olivia opens the door to a sexual encounter that will bring her out of her long abstinence and into a new awareness of herself. She begins an erotic journey of self-exploration with an uninhibited lust she feels free to indulge within the walls of unowned beautiful houses.

This f/m story contains mature subject matter (explicit sex) and is intended for an adult audience.

This original story by Victoria Primrose is 10,900 words, or approximately 33 pages.

2nd Edition, revised. Originally published on November 15, 2012 with a different cover.

There are two versions of this story: This one under the pen name Victoria Primrose is a vanilla erotica story. It is the original version. The other is a reimagined erotic horror novella, titled House on Black Hellebone Road, under the pen name Victoria Champion, which you can read here.

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